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   Pebble Sheen Pool    

Pebble sheen Pool

 Quartzon application 

quartzon_application_during pool renovation


 Quartzon colour sample 

Quartzon_colour sample



There are three main types of Pebble interiors used in pools:

  1. Pebble Original – Natural looking finish, the size produces a pleasantly textured surface which gives a natural appearance.
  2. Pebble Sheen – A smaller grade of pebble which produces a flatter smoother surface for more traditional pools.
  3. Pebble Glaze – is an even smaller and finer pebble. Still the same   natural pebble but with a smoother finish.

All three types offer a wide colour choice, natural beauty and durability.

If you require more information about pebble interiors used in pools visit one of the largest suppliers of Pebbles in Australia.


Quartzon is a pool render made from cement, oxide and crushed aggregate. We use specialised iron oxide pigments to ensure the surface retains its colour for many years to come.

It offers a wide colour choice, smoothness and durability. You can browse the Quartzon colours by visiting the Quartzon website for more information.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us or complete the Online Quote Request form for an obligation free quote, if you are interested in Pebble and Quartzon interiors for your swimming pool.

We offer reasonable prices.


Pool with Pebble Sheen

                Pool with   Pool with Pebble glaze