Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

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The importance of Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Pool cleaning and maintenance is very important to keep your pool looking clean all year round. Your pool is there for you to enjoy it, not for you to stress over the cleaning and the maintenance.

There are at least 2 types of instances where the swimming pool needs Cleaning and Maintenance:

1. Pool emptying & cleaning – When a pool gets left alone for too long, without correct chemical balance of water flow, it deteriorates quickly. When the pool surface is deeply stained, you can no longer see the bottom to deal with the debris, the only solution is to drain the pool, acid & pressure wash the surface and refill.

2. Green & Black Algae – Many pools experience issues with green algae. Sometimes it sits on the surface of the pool, others it completely takes over the pool. Following heavy rain many pools also experience black algae. Black algae is one of the hardest to treat as its roots can grow into the plaster or concrete. It also develops a protective layer to protect itself from chlorine.

What we offer

• On-going regular pool and spa service and maintenance

• One-off services and holiday services

The full service includes all of the following:

• Scrub walls and floors, steps and waterline

• Clean and vacuum

• Water testing and balancing

• Check pool equipment and support system

• Clean skimmer and pump baskets

• Backwashing filters

• Add all the required chemicals (all chemicals are an additional charge to the cost of the full service)

Entrust us to look after your pool and spa and you sit back, relax and enjoy it and free your weekends to be with your family and friends.

Call Garry on 0409 241 076 for any advice on cleaning and maintining your pool.


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